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Coming soon! My first book is now with the publisher and should be released next month. Matters of the Heart in Early Motherhood is an honest clear eyed look at the joys and challenges of early motherhood from a Christian perspective.

Why another book on motherhood? Well there seem to be many pressures on families today. New mothers have to navigate a minefield of conflicting advice and often parent without close support networks around. Consequently, many mothers of young children sometimes feel overwhelmed and unable to trust their instincts.  Matters of the Heart in Early Motherhood offers hope and healing to mothers of young children who have overwhelmed hearts – those, like me, who have sometimes felt alone, fearful,  discouraged, or just plain weary in their journey through early motherhood. This book discusses what it is like to be a mother of young children today,  and encourages mothers to trust in God’s abundant grace, developing confidence as they parent their little ones. It discusses matters of the heart that often arise in this season, such as coping with sleep deprivation, grappling with expectations, managing chaos, building a support network, and making time for oneself. It also covers prioritizing marriage during this season (if we are married) to overcoming what others think of us and our parenting, and coping with post-natal depression. There is also a chapter devoted to single parenting. A must-read for any mother immersed in the terrific yet testing time of raising little ones, and for anyone who wishes to thrive rather than just survive in the trenches.


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2 Comments on “My Book

  1. Sounds like a much-needed book for us Mothers of this crazy, hyped-up, technology driven world! You and I sound like we share similar passion for Mothers. And grace. Wow, has grace been what saved me so many times on my journey. I just wanted to tell you thank you for following my blog and always showing your support of me sharing my story and heart. I bet we could have great chats over lattes in person!!!!! 😉

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