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Old Fashioned – A Film Review

This week I had the pleasure of reviewing the film ‘Old Fashioned’ (2015). In the style of the book ‘I kissed dating Goodbye’ by Joshua Harris, “Old Fashioned” is a drama about old fashioned courtship. Free spirited Amber (Elizabeth Roberts) has spent her life running away from failed relationships. She plans to drive until she […]

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Watching the ‘War Room’

A war room is any place that is used to provide centralized commands or battle plans. While frequently considered to be a military facility, these are typically used by governments or businesses. And war rooms can also be used for another purpose – prayer. This is the subject of the recently released film ‘War Room’. Produced by […]

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‘Noble’ – A Film Review

Many years ago I read an inspiring book called ‘Bridge Across My Sorrows’ by Christina Noble. It documented the astonishing life of this feisty and fearless Irish heroine who survived and overcame a traumatic and brutal childhood in Ireland, to become a champion for children’s rights in Vietnam. When I saw that the life of […]

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