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From Stuffluenza to Simplicity: On Overcoming the Overwhelming Overload

Stuff. We just seem to have so much of it these days. Are you or someone you know suffering from ‘Stuffluenza?‘ I thought that I had made up this term, but no, a google search confirms that someone has already thought of this term. Stuffluenza refers to someone who has an abundant supply of material […]

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The Heartbeat of Homemaking and Happiness as a Stay at Home Mum

Before you decide to skip over this post all together, no this isn’t about how to be the perfect housewife or perfect parent. If it were I certainly wouldn’t be qualified to write it! So the pictures might look pretty but if you came over for coffee at my house it may not always look […]

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Organised Chaos – The Essence of Home

Creatively Managing the Chaos of Home & Clearing Out the Clutter. Sometimes I wonder whether there ought to be a support service for the domestically disadvantaged. There are some days when I feel like a domestic diva, but there are many days when my home feels like a domestic disaster area and I feel that […]

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