Where to start? I have four series on this blog and many other categories too. The series are:

coffee and the couch


I have never really been a diligent devotional reader, but ‘Coffee, the Couch and Communing with our Creator’ is a little devotional, aimed at busy mothers or other busy people who crave a quiet moment on the couch with a coffee and their creator.


I write alot about emotional health, and the Heartologie series is about healing matters of the heart through the extravagant love of Christ.


Those who know me will be aware that I have battled with the chaos of famiy life. Cappuccino and Chaos Consulting for Mothers is about providing mutual encouragement, support and collaboration to each other in the delightfully busy and messy season of raising young children.


The Bridges of Grace Bloggers Network was created to encourage bloggers to raise awareness about the evils of human trafficking, a haunting and increasingly common problem today. It’s about writing wrongs, one sentence at a time.


I’m a bit of a foodie, and so it seems fitting that food is also a theme on this blog. See ‘Come Whine With Me’ for family meal ideas, ‘Cakeastrophe’ for baking recipes, ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ for birthday cake ideas, and ‘Purely Parties’ for birthday party inspiration.


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