Creating a Whimsical Woodland Party

hedgehog woodland adventure

Well I’ve been looking forward to creating a whimsical woodland party for quite some time, and with my daughter’s fifth birthday approaching I thought there was no better time than ever to start planning. Recent research has demonstrated what we already intrinsically know – that nature is great for all of us. As a result, nature nurseries, schools and woodland themed activities have become all the rage.

Katie 5th birthday 2

We decided to host our woodland party at home and being summer, we were able to spend the entire time outside. I’m always in favour of not having too many structured activities at a child’s party, and just letting the kids engage in free play. We started off with a visit from Furries, Feathers and Fangs – a very reasonably priced family owned company that bring animals to events. The children were able to hold a hedgehog, frog, guinea pig, large continental rabbit, a tortoise, a chameleon, a barn owl and even a snake! (I didn’t go near the snake).

Tim with snake




Then we had afternoon tea. The table had been adorned with lace table cloths, doilies, pinecones, and flowers from the garden. Woodland themed food can be easy, fun and inexpensive. We had a toadstool house cake which was served with a hedgehog ice cream cake. The ice cream cake took only fifteen minutes to make (but the real cake took a bit longer!). We also had:

  • cupcakes
  • fruit and nut trail mix
  • pretzels and crisps
  • fairy bread
  • a hedgehog cheese with crackers
  • marshmallow and strawberry toadstools
  • toffee apples
  • sausage rolls and cucumber sandwiches (also for the grown-ups!)




Toadstool House Cake



toffee apples


Following afternoon tea, the children played in the paddling pool and then we had a woodland inspired treasure hunt around the garden. The children hunted for vials of glitter (bet the parents were thrilled with that!), chocolate bars, coloured feathers and other goodies. We then played a rustic game of pass the parcel and the children also had a go at den building.

den building

treasure hunt

To conclude the party the children demolished the hedgehog pinata. I would have to conclude that this was one of my favourite parties to coordinate. I love the whimsical woodland wonderland theme. Such fun!





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