A Book Review: Dare to Respect

Dare to Respect

In today’s cultural climate, ‘Dare to Respect’ is perhaps not a politically correct phrase in the context of marriage. However, respect is a concept that is central to both husbands and wives. If we are married we will know that marriage isn’t easy, and often we struggle to give our spouse the respect that they deserve.

I very rarely read fiction, preferring non-fiction as a genre. However I have a lot of time for this book. ‘Dare to Respect: A Novel Based on Wives Who Accepted the Challenge’ features six women who are all unhappy with their marriages. This diverse group of women accept the challenge to be counter cultural and follow an innovative approach in relating to their husbands. They decide to embark on The Respect Dare, a book of 40 challenges designed to encourage the development lasting and loving marriages. Despite their differences in age, cultural backgrounds, and religions, the women find support and encouragement within their small group as they learn to deal with the realities that they face.

What I really liked about this book was how REAL it was. This book wasn’t fluffy – in fact it covered really serious and common issues that many married couples face, such as infidelity, pornography, alcoholism and co-dependency. Not every story had a happy ending, just like in real life. However, this book wasn’t heavy. ‘Dare to Respect’  also featured a very interesting and diverse group of women with different ethnic and religious backgrounds. In this way, I think it is a novel that most married women could relate to. I also liked the scripture verses at the beginning of each chapter. ‘Dare to Respect’ was an engaging, easy read.

Sometimes women who have experienced abuse or control see red flags when they read about respect, because of the filters they have. I never endorse abuse against anyone. If you are truly in danger (men or women), please reach out for the help you need in person. I encourage those with serious marriage difficulties to seek trusted professional counsel.

About the Author

Tammy Oberg De La Garza is an Associate Professor at Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois. She is the lead author of Salsa Dancing in Gym Shoes, and has been involved in educating children and adults for more than 25 years. Tammy’s countless hours in women’s ministries, small groups, marriage ministry, and step studies have helped her understand the vital importance of developing healthy relationships with women of varying ages. Her hope is that women will experience strength in sisterhood and unlock the power of faith, healing, growth, and acceptance. Tammy is married to the love of her life, Rey, is familiar with playing the role of a hockey mom to their son Alex, and delights in the long “girl-talk-sessions” with their daughter, Sierra.





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