Deck the Halls DIY: A Christmas Tablescape


Last month I discovered a new hobby that I love. It’s table decorating! Who knew that decorating a table could be such fun. We had seventeen family members over on Christmas Day and in preparation I had spent a little time coordinating decorations for the centrepiece of the celebration – which was the christmas table.  As it was our first Christmas as a family in the northern hemisphere, we wanted to go for a winter wonderland theme. In keeping with this, white and silver were the obvious colours of choice. There was also a musical theme playing in the background too. We used silver candles in jars with potpourri around them (not to 1990’s I hope!). Most of the decorations were homemade or bought from IKEA. These decorations can be re-used year after year. I spray painted pinecones  that I foraged in the forest with silver spray paint, bleached a few pinecones (with household bleach), and then added pine tree branches and the individual place settings. It took about two hours to set the table on Christmas Eve but it was well worth the effort! There are many creative ideas out there for how to decorate a table. But they will just have to wait til next year!





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