Not Purrfect, but a whole lot of feline fun….

Not Purrfect

So I was quite looking forward to blogging about our little feline themed party that we had for our four year old over the weekend. And then I came across this in my facebook feed.

Yep, I really like the author and blogger who was featured on the news, and yes…she really does have a point. Perhaps parties have gotten out of control. I would agree that no one needs to spend loads of hard earned cash on their child’s birthday party. After all, kids really do like simple things. But this was a bit of a downer. It seems like it’s in vogue to criticize anyone who wants to put their heart and soul into a kid’s celebration. But my take on it is simply this: if people want to spend time on creating a celebration then let them go for it. And if they don’t want to and it’s not their thing, then that’s absolutely fine too. It’s a heart issue isn’t it, and we can’t assume we know why people do what they do. Maybe parents aren’t trying to out-do one another. Maybe they just love it. And you have to do more of what one loves, whether it’s cycling, writing, going to the gym or throwing birthday parties. So I’m just going to keep on doing my thing, even if I’m misunderstood. That’s the whole risk with the internet isn’t it – that people will misunderstand us. See my post on this topic:

If like me you really love creating celebrations, then be sure to check out this kiwi blogger: I really like her philosophy on birthday parties. You can read it here:

Katie's kitty cat party invitation for blog

My cat crazy kid ordered a cat themed party this year. And it’s a pretty easy theme to come up with ideas for. I started off by googling ‘kitten party’….which really isn’t a good idea – even with a safe blocker on our computer! Enough said.

This party took a bit of time to organize, but it didn’t cost much. In fact, most of the supplies came from Poundland (the equivalent of the $2 shop).

cat door

For decorations we decided on pink polkadots with a dash of black and white. We had a cat decoration on the door, balloons, a pinata and a cat themed photo booth. I made cat themed plates, which took a ridiculously long time to make, but I just sat in front of the telly while making them. It was downtime really.

cat themed plates


disco ball pinata

photo booth

For games and activities we kept it simple:

  • We had a mat time, and my husband got out his guitar and sang cat themed nursery rhymes to the kids. He’s great like that.
  • We played Pass the Parcel, Pin the Tail on the Cat, and Cat & Mouse.
  • Then we decorated cat themed cupcakes and biscuits in the kitchen. Ten four year olds in the kitchen decorating cupcakes is not for the faint hearted!
  • We then finished off with cat face painting and pinata bashing.


For the feline food, this is where I went a little crazy….but it was all good fun. We had:

A watermelon cat:

watermelon cat

A cat themed veggie platter with crisps (rather than chips). As you can see I’m embracing all things British.

Strawberry Mice:

strawberry mice

Cat Doughnuts:

Doughnut Cats

We also had cat fairy bread but I drew the line at cat shaped pizza’s. Normal store bought pizza had to do. We also had individual ice-creams and pink lemonade which went down a treat.


And in place of goodie bags, we gave away stuffed animals. Unfortunately Poundland didn’t have toy cats, so dogs and teddy bears had to do!

goodie bags

kitten cake

When it was all over, we all needed a cup of tea and a lie down!


3 Comments on “Not Purrfect, but a whole lot of feline fun….

  1. LOVE IT! Doing what you love, to bless those that you love, should only ever be deemed a good thing. You have a gift for doing this very thing, and your family are blessed again and again by you sharing your time, energy & talents in this very way! What an absolutely wonderful act of love you engage in, with all the lovely details you include for making celebrations such fun. Go for it Mrs Wilson! Keep calm & carry on creating delicious, extravagantly delightful fun memories for your loved ones. Their lives are definitely richer & extra specially blessed because of it!!

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