The Three-Week Family Meal Rotation

Three Week Family Meal Rotation

What’s for dinner? It’s an age old question isn’t it and getting dinner on the table is a significant daily task in most families. We seem to be busier and busier these days and I don’t know about you, but I want a meal system that is quick and easy to organise so that I have time for other pursuits. I’ve always planned out our family meals on a weekly basis, because I’ve found that it works well for us. I typically shop on a Monday morning and I buy all the ingredients that I need for seven meals at a time. Then I write down the meals on my little blackboard:


Now that we live in England, my two eldest children receive school dinners every day. And the school dinners work on a three weekly system. It’s similar to the system I recall having as a boarder in a university hostel, where you could tell what day it was by what was on the menu for dinner! As an aside, I’m pretty impressed with the school dinner system. They are all prepared on site and are pretty healthy. It’s not nuggets and chips everyday, thanks to Jamie Oliver.

Along the lines of the school dinner system, I decided to formulate a three weekly family meal rotation. This way there’s never the decision of what to purchase or prepare, it’s all arranged. Other benefits of a meal rotation include saving the old pennies and becoming a dab hand at the meals one prepares.

All you need to do is to come up with twenty tried and true family favourites that you know your family will eat (the homemade fish and chips is repeated twice in the rotation). You can even arrange the meals into categories such as Meatless Monday or Thermal Thursday (Curry Night). Selecting meals is perhaps an overwhelming task but there are so many recipes available online today. If you are anything like me you might try to buy what is in season and what is on special. In which case, you might like to devise a three weekly menu for each season. This may work well especially if you get tired of the same recipes. And you can still experiment with new recipes whenever you like by altering the rotation. Have you ever meal planned before? Are you a fan? Drop me a line, I’d love to hear from you.



2 Comments on “The Three-Week Family Meal Rotation

  1. Oh yes, I love meal planning! Have fallen off the wagon of late, but earlier this year I made up a four week rotation! It was great and we were having a much bigger variety of meals. I’m not sure why I stopped actually… Thanks for reminding me to go back to it. Life is definitely easier when you always know what you’re having for dinner šŸ˜‰

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