Old Fashioned – A Film Review

Old Fashioned - A Film Review

This week I had the pleasure of reviewing the film ‘Old Fashioned’ (2015). In the style of the book ‘I kissed dating Goodbye’ by Joshua Harris, “Old Fashioned” is a drama about old fashioned courtship. Free spirited Amber (Elizabeth Roberts) has spent her life running away from failed relationships. She plans to drive until she runs out of petrol and set up house wherever this may be. She runs out of petrol in a quaint little town, and Clay, the owner of an antique store called ‘Old Fashioned’ helps her set up in a newly furnished apartment. However, he won’t go through the screen door outside. He has made a vow, he tells Amber: he won’t be alone in a room with a woman who isn’t his wife. Amber finds this rather strange. She’s also surprised to learn that he’s not married. Clay would rather fix broken furniture than mend a broken heart.

Clay reminded me of a dark and brooding Mr Darcy in Pride and Prejudice. His character was refreshingly real. But this is a straight laced bachelor with a past. He wasn’t just a ladies man in college, but a producer of risque videos. Then he changed.  “You found Jesus?” Amber asks him. “More like…he found me,” Clay responds.

Written, directed by, and starring Rik Swartzwelder, ‘Old Fashioned’ is a faith-based counter-film to the controversial, steamy “Fifty Shades of Gray.” However Swartzwelder keeps the Christian content low key. The film doesn’t preach and as such it would be a suitable film for anyone. It is hard to produce faith-based films that aren’t contrived, cheesy or condescending. Though not prudish, this contemporary film portrays the Christian characters trying to function counter culturally in a social milieu that discourages values such as chastity and modesty. The characters stand up for what they believe in.

‘Old Fashioned’ hasn’t received good reviews, however I have observed that faith based films rarely receive good reviews. But it is an interesting and intelligent film that provides lots of food for thought. It would be very suitable for youth groups or a ladies movie night. There is no swearing in the film, it has a good soundtrack, it’s reasonably well acted (with good performances from from Elizabeth Roberts) and it features beautiful cinematography.  My only reservation is that the film moves very slowly and in places it is rather dull.

Overall I found Old Fashioned to be an endearing and encouraging film. From complex and broken pasts, two very different people come together and help each other bring out their best selves.  It’s refreshing to see a male character with respect for women. And for that, “Old Fashioned’ is to be commended.

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