Introducing ‘Lakeview Cottage’: A Children’s Novel by Mary Crosson

The Forever Years

Lakeview Cottage ReviewWhen shopping for Christmas presents for the kids, good quality books are always top of my list. If you are looking for children’s fiction with family values this Christmas, then look no further than ‘Lakeview Cottage’, the first in a series of children’s novels for 8-11 year olds by local author Mary Crosson. Lakeview Cottage is set in picturesque Queenstown, New Zealand and features Sarah, a Dunedin girl who goes to stay with her Aunt and Uncle for the holidays. What Sarah thought was going to be a fairly ordinary holiday, turns into something extra ordinary. At the family’s home in Queenstown, the Lakeview Cottage of the title, Sarah and her cousins embark on a series of adventures and ‘firsts’, including uncovering a criminal activity.  Although this is a children’s novel, I enjoyed it and if your kids are a fan of the adventure/mystery genre, they are sure to enjoy it…

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