An Excerpt from ‘Holidays for the Hurting: 25 Devotionals to Help You Heal’ by Elisabeth Klein

Holidays for the HurtingHere’s a guest post by author Elizabeth Klein. If you’re coming up on the holiday season and you are struggling – in your marriage, with your divorce, as a single mom, with an illness, with a hurting relationship…with LIFE – Holidays for the Hurting will gently come beside you and walk you through the season with grace and tenderness, pointing you to Jesus each day for twenty-five days.

She writes: ‘Healing is perhaps one of my absolute favorite words. It calms me. It soothes me. It gives me hope.

But maybe even more than that…it reminds me that if there is a healing, then there is a Healer.

That we have a Healer.

That I have a Healer.

That you have a Healer.

Jesus came for a multitude of reasons and theologians might argue that some are more important than others.

He came to die for our sins.

He came to kill sin and death.

He came to teach us how to live life correctly or better.

He came to make us more like him.

He came to bridge the gap between God and man.

He came so that we could go to heaven.

He came to teach us how to love.

And all of this is true. And yet there’s so much more.

But one of the best reasons, in my humble opinion, that Jesus came for us is this:

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me because he has…sent me to heal the brokenhearted… -Luke 4:18-

He came to heal those of us who are brokenhearted.

I am among the brokenhearted.

And if you are reading this today, then I’m going to not-so-boldly assume that you are among the brokenhearted as well. And that you are in need of healing.

Listen, I have walked through deep waters and passed through the fires. And I can tell you that time did not heal me. And my friends, whom I love, did not heal me. And books, God love ‘em, did not heal me. And counseling did not heal me. And the Church did not heal me.

If I have ever been healed – and I have, time and time again – it is because Jesus is my Healer and Jesus bent low and came close to bring me healing.

And as you lean in to Christmas, as it’s coming closer and closer, I want to invite you to ask sweet Baby Jesus to bring you the healing you so desperately need. And then believe and wait in expectation.

Have mercy on me, O Lord, for I am weak; O Lord, heal me, for my bones are troubled. –Psalm 6:2-




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