Crazy Crafternoons for Kids: Hosting an Arty Party


Recently I was intrigued to come across the term ‘Crafternoon’. A ‘crafternoon‘ is a lazy, lovely way to spend an afternoon crafting with adults or with the kids. I’ve always believed that everyone has a creative bent in them. Wasn’t it Picasso who famously stated that every child is an artist?

For my daughter’s birthday this year, we decided to opt for an ‘Arty Party’ theme. Even if you consider yourself to be creatively challenged, an ‘Arty Party’ can be pulled off relatively easily. All you need is 2-4 semi-structured crafty activities and if you lack inspiration, look to none other than Pinterest for some crafting inspiration. While we usually have parties at home, this year we had my daughter’s party at ‘Gone Potty’, a ceramic paining franchise. This turned out to be a smart idea, as I think I might have ‘gone potty’ if I had hosted a party at home on this particular week. The week of her party turned out to be a crazy week with a lot going on, including three lots of visitors, kindergarten finishing, school starting, a Polynesian cultural festival performance, a soccer prize giving, and a seriously ill relative.


For our Arty Party the children were engaged in two main crafts, interspersed with a few eats and the cutting of the cake. For the ceramics, the children each selected a ceramic plate, bowl, cup or ornament to paint, and these were later fired and glazed.


I also had a few other little activities up my sleeve, as young children don’t take too long to complete art projects. I found some wooden letters in a $2 shop, and each child painted and decorated the first letter of their name and were able to take it home in lieu of a loot bag.


In my party planning box I also had a game of art history memory (see free printable below). While perhaps a little too mature for four to six year olds, the kids did enjoy looking at the famous artworks.

art history memory game

For the food I kept it really simple. I didn’t even need to bake anything this time! I filled little noodle boxes with:

1 small packet chips

1 lollipop

1 mini chocolate

1 triangle cheese

four triangles fairy bread

6-7 grapes

The kids were also given mini ice-creams which went down a treat! Each noodle box had a helium balloon tied to it which the children could take home along with the noodle box. For drinks, each child received a ‘creative juice’ and straw.

artyparty creative juice

If you wanted to have a Crazy Crafternoon or Arty Party at home, there are many more activities you could plan. All you would need is a few ‘ingredients’, many of which can be found around the house, and a whole lot of patience for mess!

Some suggestions are:

Any toilet roll craft

Any egg carton craft

Pasta necklaces

Face painting

Card making

Squirt gun painting

Jewellery Making

Journal Making

Puffy Paint

Balloon Bowls

You could even have a cupcake decorating session as part of the afternoon tea (only for the really mess tolerant!)

You could make spring hats from paper bowls and plates….

hat for the races

And my favourite? Crayon daisies:

crayon daisies

And if you are really feeling brave, you could try anything with copious amounts of glitter! The world is your oyster. What are some other ideas you have for an Arty Party? I’d love to hear your ideas.

Charlotte's  fifth birthday party invite for blog

Coco Chanel


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