The Argument-Free Marriage: A Book Review

 Argument Free Marriage

‘The Argument-Free Marriage: 28 Days to Creating the Marriage You’ve Always Wanted with the Spouse You Already Have.’ This title recently caught my attention. But wait… an argument-free marriage even possible? Fawn Weaver, the best-selling author, award-winning marriage blogger and founder of the ‘Happy Wives Club’ certainly thinks so. In ‘An Argument-Free Marriage’, she invites readers to consider investing twenty-eight days in learning how to live together without arguing.

Fawn asserts that contrary to popular opinion, conflict in marriage is not necessary. Me? I’m not so sure. I would argue that conflict is inevitable in any marriage. There will always be pressures in life that squeeze a marriage over time. It is not the absence of conflict in a marriage that makes a marriage happy and successful. Rather it is how conflict is handled that determines how healthy one’s marriage is.

Weaver asserts that there are 3 things that are essential in creating an argument-free marriage, and that these can be replicated in any relationship one desire’s to last a lifetime (marriage, siblings, parents, children):

  1. ‘Understand and obey the law of acceleration’.
  2. ‘Stick to the original emotion’.
  3. ‘Keep at the forefront of your mind this indisputable fact: that tomorrow may never come’.

I find that many books on marriage say the same things, and this book wasn’t my favourite on the topic. The author writes: ‘This book is personal. This books exposes every inch of my marriage in hopes that each person will find and create the marriage of their dreams. It’s possible…and you hold the power in your hands…today’. Rather than addressing the issue of conflict in marriage, much of the book was focussed on her own marriage, and the tone was rather self satisfied at times. The author claims to have an argument-free marriage, but it’s worth noting that the couple don’t have children, and while children are wonderful little blessings, raising them can often add significant stress to any marriage.  However, there were many pearls pf wisdom in this book. And Fawn has delivered in this book what she does with her website: disseminating encouraging messages about how marriages can thrive. I’m off to call a ‘cease fire’ on arguments for 28 days!

Take a look at the following clip. Fawn is a very engaging speaker.


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