Introducing ‘Women, Leadership and the Bible’ by Dr Natalie Eastman

 Women, Leadership and the Bible

It is my great pleasure to host fellow Redbud Writer’s Guild member Dr. Natalie Eastman as she sends her new book ‘Women, Leadership and the Bible’ on a little blog-and-book tour.

DR. NATALIE R. WILSON EASTMAN (M.Div. ‘02, D.Min. ’05–Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary) is a freelance writer, editor, and member of the Redbud Writers Guild. She has served as a full-time youth minister to girls and women; Bible study teacher; worship leader and team developer; missionary to east Asia; and retreat and event teacher/speaker. She lives in Delaware, OH, with her husband and three young children. Links to her blogs may be found at, and her training and coaching at

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But what is her new book about?

Well, can you imagine a ‘Christian Mom Utopia’?

Dr Eastman writes: ‘Imagine a world in which Christian women—even tired, frazzled mamas—humbly, yet skillfully study Scripture to get clarity on their hardest biblical questions! And imagine those very women sifting and sorting through all kinds of opinions and interpretations as they study and consider what the Bible’s text says!

If you’re a mama, can you even dare to imagine such a world? I mean, sooo many mamas spend days wiping tiny bums, washing endlessly-appearing dirty dishes, and magic-erasing genius artwork from the painted-last-week walls. How do I know this is how many mamas spend their days? I am one! I’ve still got the littles: ages 5, 6, & 8, at present, and spend three-quarters of my days wondering where the day went. Can I get a witness?

But, sisters, true freedom and self-confidence await the woman who engages their difficult life-questions through the lens of Scripture in a systematic way.

Wouldn’t you like to believe that you understand biblically and theologically how women can serve in the church? Would you like to know in your soul that you have a good grasp—biblically and theologically—on whether that baby you’re expecting should be baptized or dedicated? Would you like to know who or what the Holy Spirit is and the role the Holy Spirit plays in your life? Wouldn’t knowing how to think about—and how God thinks about—homosexuality and other sexes and orientations make the entire issue much less frightening and help you know how to be when you are around friends, family, or associates who have come out?

That freedom and confidence come from knowing and understanding not only what you believe, but why you believes what you believe. You will know you have formed your own thoughts, opinions, and interpretations using reliable, tested, and grounded methods, carefully testing your own and your community’s beliefs against Scripture. It is life-changing! I know you already know it’s important to read and study the Bible. But right now it seems theoretical. Yet here’s my news today: it doesn’t have to be theoretical any more.

If you can engage your difficult life-issues with competent biblical integrity (and you can!) rather than relying exclusively on emotions, what others say, or the last book you read’s interpretation (as I did for so long, too), just imagine the difference this will make in your life, your church and, yes, the world! You can feel confidence before God that you are attempting to understand his Word as best you can, as you subsequently seek to follow and obey it.

In the book Women, Leadership, and the Bible: How Do I Know What to Believe? I’ve broken down the process for studying, understanding, and interpreting the Bible—and distilled two seminary degrees and fifteen years of ministry experience—into a 5-step process accessible to every woman, even those consumed by child-raising. If you have a hard life question that’s been under your skin for a long time, and yet you don’t have the time, inclination, or $35,000-$75,000 in financial resources to attend seminary for 2-4 years in order to gain the skills to sort through the issue biblically to your satisfaction, such that you can feel confident that you’ve done a great job discerning a godly answer to your questions, then I’d invite you to check it out.

Also, please go look at the brand new online video training program I’ve created at Biblical Breakthrough!. Good news: the basic training level is free!!! And you can join it with or without ownership of the book. It officially launches on July 9, 2015, but you can still see the information and the site is live, even if pieces of the text are missing. Hey, I said I wrote a book and created a training program, but I’m still a tired, distracted human. When you’re a mama of 3, with a music business, writing a book, and launching an idea (and basically battling off too many other ideas for one brain to manage) lots of details – even important ones like the front page of your new ministry website – slip through the cracks! Still, in the program you’ll find the same method, only it’s in video form. And you’ll find a community, too, some of whom are mamas just like you. Like you, they’re mamas who take their faith seriously and who want to know the Bible and what God says about life stuff, as best they can. Come join us!

[So, okay, we’re not a utopian community J. But we’re real, we’re available, and we want to be moving and studying and reflecting on God’s Word side by side with you. We, too, want to experience that freedom and confidence that can be ours through our relationship with God and through the truth of his Word. So, now will you come join us?’

natalie's book

I am eager to read Natalie’s new book. To order a copy today please visit Amazon here: or to purchase a signed copy please visit:

To connect with Natalie, please check out the following links:


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