Unexpected: Grit, Grace and Life In Between: A Book Review


‘When I woke up, something was different, like something had changed in the air. There was a heaviness, and the nurses who were joking with me a few moments before weren’t joking anymore…’

What is one to do when life throws you a really large curveball? Especially a curveball that comes with a capital C – Cancer. This is the subject of Trina Pockett’s first book ‘Unexpected: Grit, Grace and Life In Between’. It’s a young mother’s memoir of her journey from the pit and back. It has been a joy and a privilege to review a fellow Redbud writer’s debut book.  Trina Pockett is a wife, mother, speaker, writer, and leader with over fifteen years of experience serving in Christian ministry, including roles within The Salvation Army, and MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers). Currently she works for Compassion International.


Trina is also a cancer survivor, and her story is one of heartache, and triumph over illness. ‘Unexpected’ documents her journey of being diagnosed with Hogkin’s lymphoma as a young wife and mother. In fact, Trina was pregnant with her second child when she was diagnosed with the unexpected and the unthinkable. Trina had to start life saving chemotherapy, even though the effects to her unborn child were unknown. This book shows how she coped with this traumatic blow, how she managed fear, and how her faith sustained her amid many dark despairing moments. Unexpected is real, raw and authentic. It’s also filled with practical wisdom and brings brings hope to those who may be going through the valley of difficult times, whether it be a diagnosis of cancer, or another trial. Yet ‘Unexpected’ isn’t heavy. There are plenty of uplifting and humorous, witty stories intertwined throughout.

It’s a mark of a truly gifted writer when a book can make you laugh one minute but cry the next. And Unexpected does just that. It’s a tear jerker, but it’s also a soul lifter. I rather like the title, especially the ‘Grit and Grace’, and Trina delivers both the grit and the grace in this compelling inspiring memoir. The take home message is simply this: God gives us grit, but God also gives us grace to be able to handle the grit. From bald and broken on the bathroom floor, Trina lived to see beauty in the world again. And hope won.

‘Whether you live, or whether you die, it doesn’t change who I am. I am your God and I love you.’

For more information and to purchase a copy, please see: http://www.trinapockett.com.


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