How to Blog When You’d Really Rather Blob

How to Blog When You'd Really Rather Blob

‘When Blogging Becomes A Slog’ was an article about blogger burn out last year that generated lots of interest. See: While a friend of mine told me that I ‘blog like a mad woman’ I don’t know if that is true any longer! It’s true that I used to blog prolifically, but recently I’ve been adopting a blogging style called ‘Barely Blogging’. Perhaps it is because I’ve just finished writing my book and I need a little break. Perhaps it is because life can get rather crazy sometimes. Either way, It was inevitable that it was going to happen and it is not uncommon. Many bloggers have been there before. But how does one avoid blogging burn out? Here are my ‘Top Ten Tips to Avoid Blogger’s/Writer’s Burn Out’

1.) Set Realistic Goals. Don’t be too hard on yourself. When I started blogging last year I set a goal of writing one (rather lengthy) blog post per week. And with a busy life and three children, at times it got a little too much. Now I have cut back to something more manageable, which often looks like 2-3 blog posts a month at the most. Find a rhythm that works for you. This rhythm can be flexible, depending on what else is going on in your life.

2) You don’t need to write a thesis! Short blog posts will do. When I started blogging I was used to writing in academia.  This looked a bit like 3-4,000 word essays. But now I realize that readers don’t necessarily want to read giant long essays and I have reduced the size of my blog posts.

3) Don’t worry about your blog’s stats. Can I say this again?  DON’T WORRY ABOUT YOUR BLOG’S STATS. Even if only one person reads your blog, do it for your own enjoyment.

4) Go for a walk and gain inspiration. Read widely. Get adequate rest.

5) Don’t get distracted on social media. It is easy to get distracted by the online clutter. We read an article and then we are directed to another one, and so forth. Let social media work for you. Even if you are going on a blogging diet, you can still ‘microblog’ on social media by posting photos to instagram and keeping an active twitter account.

6) You don’t have to blog just for the sake of it. There are no rules. Blog what is on your heart when you feel inspired. Write more personal content rather than sponsored posts if this takes the pressure off.

7) Stockpile a list of blog post ideas.

8) Define the mission statement of your blog. Why do you write and what do you hope to achieve? Write about what you know and love. Write about what matters to others.

9) Arrange for a fellow blogger to write a guest post, or hire a ghost writer. Create a blog post recap.

10) Take a blogcation! This is advisable if you’re starting to feel burned out. We live in a world where we often feel like we should be ‘doing something’ or ‘achieving something’ every second of every day. So often rest is undervalued. But having down time and even wasting time can be good for our emotional health. In a world of blog posts about ‘Working Faster and Smarter’ it can be healthy to sometimes just blob.

I still love blogging. I’m just learning the art of blogging in a balanced way. If you have suffered from blogger burn out, I’d love to hear from you. Let’s brain storm solutions together.

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