‘Miracle on Voodoo Mountain: A Young Woman’s Remarkable Story of Pushing Back the Darkness for the Children of Haiti’: A Book Review

Miracle on Voodoo Mountain

Ever thought to yourself ‘Oh no, I could never do that?’ I know that I have. For twenty four year old Megan Bourdeaux, it took months of God waking her up in the middle of the night before she realized she was the one He was calling to leave her comfortable American life and move to Haiti.

If you love children, justice and have a heart for the nations, you are sure to love this new book ‘Miracle on Voodoo Mountain: A Young Woman’s Remarkable Story of Pushing Back the Darkness for the Children of Haiti’. I don’t know a great deal about Haiti but I know that it is a beautiful, dark and poverty stricken island in the Carribean. Furthermore it is a nation that has suffered the trauma of a devastating earthquake five years ago.

Written by Megan Boudreaux, ‘A Miracle On Voodoo Mountain’ is a remarkable memoir of how as a young twenty four year old fresh out of university she sold everything she had and moved from the United States to Haiti in response to a unsettling God-given dream she kept experiencing. The dreams all featured the same tamarind tree that sat on top of Bellevue Mountain near Gressier, Haiti. Without a clear plan of action she trusted God’s leading, taking a leap of faith with a good dose of courage and bravery mixed in.

Megan had visited Haiti on a few missions trips and each trip heightened her impression that someone needed to help the people of Haiti,  —especially the children, many of whom were caught up in slavery. Rather than being alone in a foreign land, God guides her every step as she moves to a country without knowing the language, or anyone in the country. She becomes the adoptive mother of two daughters who were former child slaves, and she receives the divine gift of the Haitian Creole language. She meets and marries the love of her life and she plants and establishes a Christian school for more than 500 children.

Megan is certainly an inspirational and tenacious young woman. Coming from a somewhat challenging background herself, Megan is an overcomer. While missions folk in Haiti wrote her off as a naive young woman, she was not deterred. Of her passion for what God has called her to do, she writes: “Now I know what I can do. I can show these children love. I can show them joy. I can show them compassion. I can show each of these children Jesus. Fear will not affect Haiti. Politics will not have an impact on Haiti. Jesus will.” (p. 31).

Only three short years later, Megan proves her critics wrong, and today six acres on Bellevue Mountain in Gressier is the home of the nonprofit Respire Haiti. Ironically Respire Haiti is built on the former site of voodoo worship, and in the area that many still come to make animal sacrifices. What the enemy meant for evil, God has turned it around. Megan leads a 200 strong staff that are transforming this community through the love of God and their healthcare and educational initiatives.

This deeply touching book is a page turner that will break your heart yet build your faith. A must-read for any wannabe world changer. It is greatly encouraging to know what God can do with a small seed of our faith and a step of obedience.

* I received this book free through the Thomas Nelson Booklook Bloggers Programme. I was not required to write a positive review.

megan bourdreaux

Megan Bourdreaux with a Haitian child


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