Ring Slings and Things: The Beauty and Benefits of Baby Wearing

babywearing 101

My husband defines babywearing as ‘wearing your baby before they wear you out.’. It’s quite a good definition really! October the 5th kicked off International Babywearing Week around the globe. When I had my first child seven and a half years ago, I had never heard of ‘baby wearing’. I was the mother who used to complain of not being able to get anything done because her baby always wanted to be held. If I were to have my first child all over again, I would have just carried him. What about you? What would you say to yourself as a new mother, now looking back with the benefit of experience? Read more: http://theforeveryears.wordpress.com/2014/10/07/ring-slings-and-things-the-beauty-and-benefits-of-babywearing/


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