The Storm

The Storm

THE  STORM: By Marcie Watson

Are their storms within our wellspring,

Which cry out for release?

Like the pondering of ocean waves

Upon relentless seas

Or perhaps they’re more like crackling thunder

Which warn us of the worst

Or hit us hard like lightning bolts,

Leaving damage where it hurts

Then, there are brief afternoon showers,

Where we accompany the rain,

Because their is a cleansing,

When tears can finally drain

Whether we are in the eye of the storm,

Or through the other side

The thunderhead can be lifted,

If we only look to Christ

For I tell you, there is sunshine

Peace and comfort too

It is he who understands our storms,

And is with us all the way through

What storm are you fighting?

My friend, please don’t be consumed

The source of life is waiting,  let his sunshine, his love break through.

cast your care


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