I Write….

I write

By Marcie Watson.

I write to find such splendour in your earths design,

I write to find the sense of what’s beautiful to your eyes,

I write to speak the truth of what can be eternal life to all,

I write with joy and obedience of this gift, to your call.

I write to convey emotion, experience of human kind,

I write to capture beautiful memories stored deep in my mind,

I write to catch a small breath O God, of who you actually are,

I write what is captivating to my eyes, such as a child’s face; a fallen star.

I write from what’s inspired, as I journey through this life,

To bring forth a mighty message, which we need to hear at times,

I write to express my intricate wonder and discovery of places,

I write to describe those who’ve touched my life, the many special faces.

I write because I’m challenged by this world’s toil and pain,

But with all reason I write to speak of “hope” which lies with Christs name,

I write to speak of themes in life we all can take hold,

I write to reveal my thoughts on justice, dignity, honour told,

I write from being stirred to bless another soul,

I write because it is part of me and in my spirit I feel whole,

I write because within me, it’s what I truly adore,

I write to glorify you, because I love you deeply, LORD.

My dedication, my purpose, my life.

1 Peter


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