How to Host a Wearable Arts Party for Kids

wearable arts party

Wearable arts – ‘the event that makes Lady Gaga look like a librarian’, is where fashion, art and theatre collide. My mother and sister love World of Wearable Arts (WOW) and are travelling to Wellington next week for the event. Some of it is a little too arty for me, however it was the inspiration for my daughter’s birthday party as I wanted something a little bit different. My daughter loves dresses and if there were a film to describe her life, it would probably be ’27 dresses.’

27 dresses Bear in mind that this was a child’s version of wearable arts, and we didn’t make brassiere’s out of bottle tops! Initially I was inspired by ‘Mayhem’ a mother and daughter duo whose beautiful paper dresses have gone viral. You can find out more about Mayhem here:



wow sign

Wearable Arts was a deceptively easy birthday party to organise, and it was also fairly frugal. I cleaned out our garage, and turned this into a ‘Wearable Arts Design Studio.’ I put all sorts of upcycled papers (crepe, wrapping paper, foil, bows, ribbons, doilies etc) into one large box and had another box with old pieces of leftover fabric. We had a table with scissors, tape and glitter galore. With some adult supervision, the children (aged 4-7) were able to design and make their own wearable art creations. We also made necklaces out of coloured macaroni and string.


Then we moved to the lounge and had our wearable arts ceremony. We had lots of fairy lights, and a catwalk made out of red paper stuck together with sellotape. We played the World of Wearable Arts Music through the internet, and each child had a go showing off their creation on the red carpet. We had a judge who announced the winner of the most creative costume.







We had afternoon tea in the middle of the wearable arts activities, and I threw in a Frozen theme for the party table. The cupcake dress and shoes tied in with the fashion theme, and we also munched on sandwiches with a sign saying ‘We finish each other’s….sandwiches’. There was a white chocolate fountain – ‘Elsa’s endless winter fountain’, Sven’s veggie and cheese platter, and Olaf’s popcorn. In my attempt to make the party food healhy-ish, we had soda water with berries in the top. To my surprise the kids seemed to really enjoy this.

frozen partyelsa cupcake dresswow7Wearable arts was a fun theme, and would be suitable

for older kids too. Now there is an awful mess to clean up, and I need a cup of tea and a lie down!

sugar free party favours


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