Take a Look at Creation

Take a look at creation

I am excited to present a guest blog post by my friend Marcie Watson, who writes beautiful poetry. I am sure you will be blessed and encouraged by her words.

Take a Look at Creation

Today you reached my weary heart

With a simple word of truth

You love us simply as we are,

And with what we’re going through.

Today the waves which found the sand,

Spoke of an even greater plan,

How could a God who made all this,

Be absent from this scene?

The stretch of sky, the flight of birds, and the perfect depth of sea.

This beauty spoke of a creative God.

But one who cared enough to tell, 

That in His word we mean more to him, 

Than any bird or sea that dwells. 

He made us for his purposes,

Which our human heart can’t fully understand

But we know he needs us to spread His love,

And healing by his hands.

Just take a tender look, at a newborn infant babe,

It’s eyes speak of it’s soul,

And loving hands God gave.

Heavens mystery may be ours to find,

And right now on earth…we live.

But we know God must be personable,

Because he says ‘man dwells with Him.’




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