The Last Latte: Living Life Below the Line

the last latteThe pervasive issue of poverty has been in the spotlight recently. Even in our own backyard, economic inequality appears to be growing. Well known psychologist and television presenter Nigel Latta presented a sobering account of this in his new television series that aired this week. It is heartbreaking to see how many individuals and families struggle to make basic ends meet, even those who are in employment. The costs of living are rising…fast. We have always had the mentality that if you work hard you will get a good job and have enough to live on, but sadly this doesn’t always seem to be the case anymore.

And overseas the needs are overwhelming. Where does one start? I’ve heard about the ‘Live Below the Line’ poverty challenge and this is the first year that I will be taking part. On October the 6th, many New Zealanders will join in this challenge, to live on $2.25 a day per person. They are great grandmothers, business people, university students, mothers, teenagers – joining together for a ‘special purpose’. My family are going to eat what we usually eat, and I will probably live on rice and porridge for five days, although take a look at this beautiful new recipe book One Helping aimed at making your dollar stretch further. All recipes are 75 cents or less per serving, and have been created by top NZ chefs. Perhaps I will have some other options. All of the profit from the sale of One Helping, goes to support TEAR Fund’s work of rehabilitating and rescuing victims of human trafficking in Southeast Asia.


And my latte fix? I rarely buy lattes, however I am fortunate to enjoy the occasional coffee out at a cafe, a privilege denied to many, in our country and in developing countries. My daily homemade latte fix is something that I am happy to sacrifice however, to ‘live below the line’ for a few days in order to raise money for the groundbreaking work that Nvader ( and Tear Fund do in putting a stop to the evil of human trafficking. This is an issue that has been on my heart for some time and I have started the ‘Bridges of Grace Bloggers Network’ to blog and join other bloggers who have a passion to raise awareness about this horrifying and heartbreaking issue. It really is haunting to think of what these innocent children suffer.

I also want to put my money where my mouth and donate to Tear Fund. Furthermore, I’m asking you my friends, to consider sponsoring me to participate in this event. Every small amount helps, even if it is $5-10.  I’d also like to challenge other bloggers, friends and family to take part in this worthwhile cause too.


You can donate to my profile here: http://www.livebelowtheline/me/lattegracelaced07



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