An April Fool’s Day Little Box of Family Tricks

april fool's day

Mark Twain is reputed to have said, “The first of April is the day we remember what we are the other 364 days of the year.” No one seems sure about the origins of how April Fool’s Day traditions began. April 1st used to mark the beginning of the New Year.  This was moved to January 1 with the switch to the Gregorian calendar by the french in the 1500s, and it is thought that people unaware of the change continued to celebrate the New Year on April 1st and were deemed fools. Thus, it was referred to as April Fools’ Day. Other theories are that the occasion developed from festivals of spring renewal when people hid their identities.

Whatever the history, April Fool’s Day seems like a great opportunity to have a little harmless fun in our families. So here is an April Fool’s Day Little Box of Family Tricks – 20 silly kid-friendly pranks that may ensure lots of giggles. Because  after all, life is meant to be enjoyed.

 1) Freeze the weetbix or porridge in bowls for their breakfast. This sounds a bit mean, but the kids loved it. They didn’t eat it however

2) Put a little blue food colouring in the milk container so that when the kids get up they will wonder why the milk has turned blue. The look on Miss Three’s face when she discovered that the milk was blue was priceless. And she exclaimed ‘Cool – blue milk.’

blue milk

3) Sellotape goggle eyes to food items in the fridge.

4) Sew the end of their sock (if you have time).

5) Fill their shoes with toilet paper.

6) Place a jelly worm in their apple and place in their lunchbox. My kids are going to get a surprise this lunchtime.

apples with worms

7) Instead of freezing breakfast cereal, put a few drops of different food colouring under the cereal, so when milk is poured on it, it changes colour!

8) Hide all utensils (say that the utensil monster came and ate them) and have a dinner where everyone has to eat with their hands.

9) Serve your spouse or a friend a latte or flat white with blue milk. My husband received this for breakfast this morning.


10) Mix soy sauce with lemonade and place in an empty coca cola bottle.

11) Apply a little sellotape over the tap outlet, so when someone turns the tap on, they get blasted with water.

12) Serve up some oreo’s or cameo creme biscuits for afternoon tea, but scoop out the creme icing in the middle and replace with toothpaste!

13) How about jam & ant sandwiches? My eldest child is going to get a surprise when he bites into his jam sandwich at lunchtime today, to discover that it is infested with ants (chocolate hail dyed with black food colouring).

jam ant sandwiches

14) Have a backwards day – all clothing can be worn inside out! Sometimes we have this anyway when Miss Three insists on wearing her clothing inside out.

15) Superglue some coins to the path outside…..

16) Swap the salt for sugar, and the sugar for salt!

17) Write a little message on the toilet paper.

18) Place a little mild mustard in the top of the toothpaste. I didn’t try this one as it seems a little mean – but maybe next year.

19) Or what about a Stinky Socks Award for the child with the stinkiest socks? I think I know who would win this hands down in our household.

stinky socks award

20) And I’m not game enough to try this one, but there is the trick of placing cling film (glad wrap) over the toilet bowl….

And Master Six planned to throw water over his poor parents wake them up this morning….but we got up before him to avoid this one!

april fool's day collage




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