Contemplating Camp Chaos 2014


Keeping Calm & Camping On….

Red Tent 1

Camping is a ‘holiday’, a holiday in inverted comas, but jokes aside, I really do love camping. It will be lovely to be immersed in nature, to get back to basics and to have a vacation from screen time. My husband enjoys camping and the kids really love it. They are so excited already. However when we went camping last year with another family we had seven children aged seven years and under, and it had it’s moments as you can well imagine! Like the time the backside of one of the two year old’s landed squarely into the frying pan full of spaghetti bolognese (fortunately it wasn’t hot). Our youngest was only six months last year and with seven exuberant children, and four of them preschoolers between the two families, relaxing is not really a word that comes to mind. But we enjoyed it, so much so that we are going back for more this year. We had lots of laughs and lots of fun, despite the neighbours complaining about our kids waking in the night and suggesting that we go and camp in a paddock! Perhaps a good come back to that would have been to suggest that they go and camp in a hotel. This year we have decided to provide complementary ear plugs to the poor sods who have the good fortune to be camping next to our rowdy lot.


I am about to pack for our next six day camping trip commencing next weekend, and I find that packing really is a mission. And we are hoping and praying for good weather, especially as our tent is not fully water proof in bad weather. Already I have had some interesting conversations with my three year old about what is appropriate clothing to take camping – ‘No you can’t take your fairy dress’, ‘And you can’t take your ballet tutu.’ Something tells me that she may not be the camping sort of girl! To make life easier for myself in future years, I’ve comprised an essential packing list & simple camp menu planner that you are welcome to download and use. Please see the link attached. Perhaps the most important thing to bring is a ‘Survival Kit for the Parents’ complete with coffee, chocolate, and perhaps some red wine. And a sense of humour. Don’t forget that. And I must confess that as we have a powered site, we are taking our coffee machine! My husband had the brainwave of setting it up in it’s own little tent called the ‘Coffee Tabernacle’. If we have room I might as well bring my foot spa. Perhaps I’m a glamper at heart. We have a party of twelve, but does anyone else wish to join us? It’s not too late….




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