Captivating Crafts

Stained Glass Windows for Easter

Easter Stained Glass Windows

A Wall Hanging of Hearts for Valentine’s Day

heart wall hanging

I made this simple heart wall hanging out of scrapbooking paper and taped each heart to the back of a fishing line. It makes a pretty and frugal decoration for our family’s Valentine’s Day party dinner.

Le Grand Hotel for Bugs

A Bug Hotel

A fun school holiday afternoon project using recycled materials left over from our renovation and lying around the garden and garage.

Wearable Arts for Kids

Stuck with what to do with all your child’s paintings that come home from preschool or school? How about upcycling them into wearable art! It’s fun and it’s easy. All you need is some tape, scissors and a little imagination. My daughter loved this project. It was recycled art meets Project Runway.


The Pink Paper & Pearl Rose Bouquet – for flowers that last

paper bouquet

Flowers are so expensive these days. On the last two occasions where I have wanted to buy flowers for someone I have been surprised by the price. Although I have never been a huge fan of feaux flowers, these paper flowers have grown on me. They are fiddly but relatively simple to make, and are cost effective as you can use paper that you have at home. Furthermore, they last longer than real flowers. I used scraps of scrapbook paper, old sheet music, and cut up pages of a book I didn’t want. You simply cut the paper into petal shapes and glue onto a twig from the garden, using a glue gun. The first few petals should be rolled inward and the outer petals can be curled out. I then added pearls from an old feaux pearl necklace into the middle of the rose. This would make a great frilly and frugal mother’s day gift.

Flower Handprint Card for Mother’s Day

flower handprint card

Here is a simple idea for a mother’s day card for your mother – paint the grandchildren’s hands with paint and press onto card. Then add leaves. the caption says ‘The only thing better than having you as a mum is my children having you as a Grandmother. Happy Mother’s Day.’

Lavender Lentern Wreath

lavenderlenten wreath

I’m not really into lots of religious symbols as my faith is about my relationship with God and not religiosity, however I’ve always loved candles and wreaths. So for Lent this year I made a lentern wreath. Lent is the forty days before the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday. See my post ‘Light a Candle: Lattes Laced with Grace on Lingering through Lent’ for a discussion on Lent. This is the first wreath I’ve made and I’d love to make another one for advent and christmas this year as they are fairly simple to make. We have lots of twigs in the garden which I collected with the help of the children. I then binded them together with some garden string, and then wrapped purple ribbon around the string to conceal it. Then I added several sprigs of lavvender into the wreath which gives it a lovely fragrance. The wreath represents the Crown of Thorns and the purple represents Christ’s royalty.

lavenderlenten wreathdoor

Love Photo Frame


This was very simple but I love the way it looks. This is being gifted to my mother for her birthday this year, and we have this photo collage displayed in our home too. I printed out the letters on A4 sheets of paper and then laminated them. Then I took black and white photographs of my two eldest children and then put them together as a digital collage using fotoflexer, a very simple programme (, or pimonkey, a more advanced free programme ( Then I purchased a four photo frame and added the photos into it.

Easy Egg-cellent Easter Crafts for Kids

easter poster

Here is a simple collage poster for easter that I made with the children several years ago. I used a large piece of yellow card, cut out an egg shape, and then made a collage with easter egg wrappings, easter stickers and upcycled easter cards. Then I glued it on the card and added a title. It was laminated for safe keeping and we bring it out at Easter time each year for display.

Easy Rock Art for the Kiddywinks


Looking for ways to keep the kids busy these school holidays? We were inspired to decorate some rocks that we brought back as souvenirs from our camping trip in Dansey’s Pass.

You’ll need:







We paint outside as it makes less mess.

Cute Kiddy Canvas Art:

What I have made here is essentially a three dimensional scrapbooking layout. I enjoy scrapbooking and 3D scrapbooking as you can create something quite easily, getting results quickly if you are short of time. You’ll need:

A blank canvas (available from stationery shops)

Scrapbooking paper for the background

Any embellishments including three dimensional ones. I’ve upcucled some wooden animals here.

Stencil stickers for wording

Glue gun.


Upcycling: Here is a photo frame to display on a noticeboard. I made it from some cardboard, washing pegs, and an upcycled piece of embroidery that my late grandmother embroidered. You’ll need a glue gun, and you simply cover the round cardboard with the fabric of your choice. and glue gun pegs around the outside.


Here is a Meal Planner I made with some leftover fabric and some laminated coloured cards. The backing was a magnetic board from a stationery shop. You will also need pegs, a vivid pen and a glue gun. I like this meal planner as it helps me to feel organised with meal preparation.

Fruit Friends – An attempt to keep the young ones occupied in the school holidays. Such fun.


Here is a Nativity Scene to make for Christmas out of toilet rolls. For free printables go to:


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