Fabric Frivolity


Strawberry Tea Party Quilt and Preschool Memoir Quilt

I’m not much of a sewer but two years ago I was given my grandmother’s 1965 sewing machine and so at the age of 33 I started learning to sew. The first few items I made were clothes for my eldest daughter and they were fairly disastrous! Over the last year I’ve given simple quilting a go. Here is a strawberry tea party quilt that I made for my youngest child’s birthday, and my first quilt which I made for my son’s fourth birthday. It is a memoir of his preschool years, and depicts his favourite story characters such as Dr Seuss, Spot, Thomas the Tank Enginge, Bob the Builder and Spiderman. I encourage you to give sewing a go, if I can do it, anyone can!

The Easy Peasy Pinny


Here is a nice and simple sewing project – ideal for busy mums or people like myself who are a little sewing challenged. I always find that my sewing isn’t as neat as I would like it to be. I am yet to sew pockets onto these aprons but I can do this at a later stage. I didn’t even need a pattern for this apron. Simply cut out an apron shape when the fabric is folded. Tack on some backing fabric such as calico (I had some old curtain backing that worked well), sew while inside out and then turn out and sew a hem around the side. Then add ribbon for ties or make ties by sewing two pieces of fabric together and sew onto the main body of the apron.

A Parisian Apron for the Director of Domestic Affairs

Then I made one for myself, with a pocket this time. I think I’ll get plenty of wear out of this and I love the feminine fabric.

parisian apron


images (2)


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