Scintillating Scrapbooking: An Archive of Designs

Here are some scrapbook layouts I have created over the years. I love scrapbooking, it is a lovely way to document creative memories, especially of your family. It can be therapeutic as I discovered when I began scrapbooking during a difficult time several years ago. If you have had a challenging day with tantruming toddlers, it can be nice to create a layout with lovely photos of your sweet smiling children. As I don’t have a huge amount of time, I tend to only scrapbook the main highlights of our year, such as Christmas, Easter, birthdays and maybe a layout depicting each season (see autumn layout). I often use the collage technique and if I’m busy I use a digital collage technique. Digital scrapbooking is quick and easy, ideal for busy people. What I like about blogging some of my creative pursuits is that I can share pictures of my family with other family members who live far away. And scrapbooking would have to be one of my favourite evening pursuits, in front of a light movie. Especially so in winter beside the fire.

Here is a recent scrapbook layout of my middle child and her ‘bestie’ as beautiful ballerinas. A whimsical quaint design. The background is a piece of vintage 1965 newspaper that I found in a box I packed the groceries in from the supermarket. How random. The advertisements made for interesting reading. My have times changed. I also used a piece of card from an invitation. I like to upcycle bits and pieces that I come across rather than having to buy scrapbooking paper. After all, that is how people used to craft and quilt.


Here is a recent digital scrapbooking layout of my eldest child at the Moeraki Boulders. Being in this place reminded me of the verse in Matthew, about the importance of building our lives on Christ the rock, rather than on the sand.


And here is a Christmas layout, using a shape technique, in this instance, the shape of a christmas stocking. I like to create three dimensional aspects in my layouts, such as the two angels at the top of the page.


Another in the shape of a flower….

021 017

Sometimes the most effective layouts are those which are simple and minimalistic.


Using ribbon as a border can be effective, and buttons are cute in children’s layouts too.



Here is an Autumn layout using real leaves.


Below are some digital scrapbooking layouts. Digital layouts are great if you are short of time and they are also great for making cards. I use, a free site. It is fairly basic but it is quick and easy to use. I like to make a collage of the children each season, creatively capturing the highlights of each season that are worth celebrating. Digital scrapbooking is a quick and easy way of making christmas cards too.








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