The Christmas Post

Another year has gone by very quickly.  We can’t believe that Christmas has come around again. We have had another busy year. It seems only yesterday that our youngest child was born, and she turned one in June. She is very gorgeous & delightful and has just started toddling around.

Our eldest daughter celebrated her third birthday in September. She loves reading and baking. She attends kindergarten three mornings a week with her ‘bestie’. She is quite the little fashionista, she can often be seen wearing a bright purple fairy dress, and she often has Oscar worthy performances in the morning regarding which outfit she wishes to wear, and frequent changes of clothes. Her mother never thought she would have to say ‘you aren’t going out dressed like that’ to a three year old! Her mother has asked the kindy teachers whether they have considered introducing a uniform! She also frequently offers an opinion on her mother’s choice of attire too! Her mother is teaching her the violin & she has a new career aspiration – to join the ‘Wiggles’.

Our eldest child turned six in April and is now in Year 2 at school, which he is enjoying very much.  He loves reading and learning how things work. He also loves sport and is our sports expert in residence. He enjoyed playing soccer in winter and has just started ‘have-a-go cricket’. He is also his mother’s personal trainer – who needs zumba to keep fit and active when you have a six year old who takes you for walks on the beach and makes you run down sand dunes. His proudest achievement this year is fitting 46 green peas in his mouth at one time, before eating them. We checked on google to see what the world record is for the number of peas held in someone’s mouth but can’t seem to find such a record. He wants to start a new world record. Keeping his bedroom tidy remains an aspiration. It frequently resembles the epicentre of a large earthquake. Currently it’s about a 6.4 on the richter scale.

Tim enjoys working as a fully qualified medic and has also dabbled in health infomatics one day a week.  He is working on applying to become a chartered specialist in the UK, a long and lengthy process. In the small amount of spare time that he has, he enjoys playing the guitar at church, leading a home group, cycling and brewing beer.

Sarah keeps busy in her role as Director of Domestic Affairs. Her days are full running around after the kids and attempting to keep the house orderly.  She coordinates the prayer ministry at our church and also enjoys playing in a community orchestra.

Looking forwards, we plan to have a North Island Christmas on the farm with Sarah’s extended family and a week in Auckland.  Later in the summer we are going to attempt a camping holiday again with another family. ‘Camp Chaos 2014’ is congregating at Dansey’s Pass in January (so you might want to avoid that campsite then). We thought we might try ‘glamping’ this year and with a powered site we plan on taking our coffee machine and putting it in it’s own tent called ‘the coffee tabernacle’. After our experience last year we also plan on providing complementary ear plugs to whoever has the good fortune to be camping next door to our rowdy lot.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and all the best for the coming year. We won’t be having a real Christmas tree this year after lots of wheezing in our household last year, but we do have a very real looking faux tree (but no choccies on the tree as they didn’t last long). The candy canes however were quite safe (as they tasted like toothpaste).




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