Let them eat cake…..

A Cake Archive…

The Doctor Cake

Princess Anna Cake

When making this Princess Anna cake for a friend’s little girl, I had a little ‘cake-astrophe’. When I put the doll into the cake dress, the cake split. I thought that icing would cover a multitude of sins, but even after I had iced the whole cake, the back of the dress fell off! I then patched back together and held it in place with the pink fondant cape. The little girl and her family were quite happy with it. Phew.

elsa cupcake dress

snow white party 004soccerfieldcakeA Police Car Cake

police car cake

If you are looking for a birthday cake or a cake for any celebration and you are short on time, then look no further than this super easy ice-cream cake, for very busy ladies. It really does take only five minutes to prepare. You’ll need:

600 ml or thickened cream

One tin of sweetened condensed milk

Flavourings to add (dessert sauces, choc chunks or chips, fruit, marshmallows, whatever you like). I divided the mixture and made half chocolate and half plain vanilla.

Simply mix together thoroughly and place into a jelly mould or cake tin and freeze for 24 hours.

Decorate as you wish.

The kids loved this.

ice-cream cake

beatrix potter cake

‘A Rosette Cake with Beatrix Potter Bunting’

A Soccer Field Cake with Bunting


Santa’s Candy Castle’ – The cake for my daughter’s kindergarten christmas party. The inside is red velvet to match the christmas theme, and the tower is madeira (for those who don’t wish their children to have food colouring). I had fun creating this.

Swimming Pool Cake (with dolphins)


Here is a simple cake that the children and I made for their Dad’s birthday. It is great for a summer birthday and it is just out of the Australian Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake book. This is quite retro and dated now but my sister and I remember pouring over as children.

You’ll need:

To make one large chocolate cake


1 packet lemonade jelly

a drop of blue food colouring

2 pakets chocolate finger biscuits

1 quantity chocolate vienna cream

round jelly sweets to make flotation devices

long jelly snakes to make lilo

2 short pieces of licorice to make ladder steps

4 small chocolate fish

assorted lego people

Scoop out 2cm of centre of cake and leave a 1.5 cm edge. Fill with jelly. Add chocolate fish into the jelly for the dolphins. Cover outside of cake with vienna cream. Place chocolate fingers around the outside of the cake tightly. Use two chocolate fingers to make ladder and adjoin licorice with vienna cream onto the ladder for the steps. Add lego people in lilo’s and flotation devices.

A Knight’s Castle Cake



A ‘Princess Crown’ Cake for a Vintage Tea Party – my youngest’s first birthday.

A ‘Teddy Train’ for my son’s third birthday


A ‘Tigger Cake’ for my son’s ‘Thomas & Tigger’ fourth birthday party.


A ‘Princess Fairytale Castle’ for my daughter’s first birthday.


A ‘Fireman Sam’ Cake for my son’s fifth birthday.


A ‘Rainbow Cake’ for my daughter’s second birthday



A ‘Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs’ Cake for my daughter’s third birthday.

snow white party 004


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